Academia Cremonensis


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“The Academia Cremonensis of Cremona  is a violin and bow making school, where students can learn violin and bow making, but it’s also a museum where to participate in explanations about materials, tools and building methods. Situated in the splendid and noble Mina Bolzesi palace, in the center of Cremona, the Academia has the objective of setting forth the continuation of the historical Cremonese tradition of lutherie within the confines of a workshop where one can live the secrets of the Grand Masters of the past. The Academia conveys tvernicehe peculiarity of this craft by way of the construction of instruments and bows according to the guidelines set forth by the works of Masters such as Giovanni Lucchi for bows and Simone Fernando Sacconi for violins.”

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Thanks to the collaboration of Fondazione Lucchi with Academia Cremonensis we give the opportunity to students from all over the world to learn the “Lucchi Method” for bowmaking in order to keep alive the tradition begun by our father, Giovanni Lucchi, that in 1976 founded in Cremona a bowmaking’s School, the first of the entire ItAcademiaCremonenesisaly.On the Academia’s workbenches, beside learning the Lucchi method, there is an exchange of knowledge and a strict relationship between pupils and Masters, as basic element of the educational path. In this privileged meeting place, where violin and bow makers work together, it is possible to share knowledge and secrets for both professional and human growths.


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